Thursday, December 28, 2017

Another year draws to a close

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. Ours was a very quiet one. Gone are the days when the house was loaded, full of life. Kids bouncing down the steps in the morning, laughing and excited. As teenagers and early twenties, breakfast was a rush of loud exchanges of laughter and fun.
One year we got our kids laser tag. At the time they were 17, 16, 14, and 12. Since we let the kids open one gift Christmas evening they all chose the BIG GIFT. That evening the kids had a blast. They starting playing in the house and quickly migrated outside where there were trees and buildings to hid behind. Less chance of getting tagged. They played until 3 am, when finally we got a call from the neighbors asking the kids to quiet down. Fair enough, people have to sleep sometime. Since tomorrow was Christmas, it was a short night.
We were a blended family, and these times were all to special having everyone together. The kids looked forward to seeing each other as much as we looked forward to it.
We would head off to the grocery store hours before everyone's expected arrival. Hundreds of dollars later spent to fill the pantry and frig for four teenagers. First thing out of everyone's mouth as they can walking in the door dropping their bags on the way into the kitchen, "Whats for dinner?" Everyone took turns planning a meal and cooking. The love and fun we shared in the kitchen and around the table was truly memorable. The discussions around the table were uncensored. To most newcomers this was shocking. But to our kids it was home, comfortable, warm and loving. A place where they could hang their hat for a few hours and just be themselves. No one judging, yelling, telling them what they should or should not be doing.

Over the years the house has grown quiet for the holidays. Kids are grown and off doing things with their own families and going to the in-laws houses. Now its the two of us rattling around the house with the two cats, Samson and Titi and our dog Kiki.
Christmas was not a rush to the tree, no more mass tearing of Christmas paper, no banding in the kitchen to decide who would make the eggs, bacon, toast.
Instead we were late to rise, fed the animals. Its just another day to them. Its hard when you feel the rush be then realize the actions just don't match the feeling.
The big rush this year was Kiki getting her gift. No wrapping paper, I just sat the toy under the tree. For her that is saying something that she didn't run off with it before we had a chance to give it to her.
I walked into the living room calling Kiki after me, "Oh Kiki! You want to see what mommy got you." In she came tail wagging, eyes shining, ears perked. Well of course I want to see what I got, her expression says. Don't leaving me guessing. Sometimes this dog is too much.
For three minutes we have that rush one gets when there is some excitement happening. It took all of thirty seconds for Kiki to realize the thing under the tree was for her. OMG!!!! ITS A FRESEBEE!!!!. If that dog could talk, she would have hugged us. Barely time to get the tag off it, she jumped up snatched it out of my hand and headed for the dog flap. After smashing fresebee and herself in the wall all we saw after was her swinging backside out the flap.
It was cold as snot that day. Too cold for me to want to stand out there and fling this thing through the yard. So she spend the afternoon having a free expression play day. For Kiki that means she gets to bury her toy in the leaves and then dig, dig, dig, and puff look what I found mom. A FRESEBEE!!! WOHOOO!!. Problem is this time she lost it in the leaves. That toy lasted all of four hours. By dark, it had disappeared and its yet to be seen. Hard to believe as it was florescent green.
As some point she will either stumble over it while diving for something else or I will end up moving over it, or burning it. I've found toys a year later in the strangest places.

For now as our kids make their own families and create their own holiday traditions we look to our pets to fill that need for the holidays wonder and excitement. 
Pets help fill the want to lavish love and joy during this festive time of year keeping us connected to that string of life. 

As we roll into 2018, if you received a pet for Christmas, remember its a living breathing thing. They take hard work, patience, and understanding. Puppies and kittens are like kids, knowledge is not by osmosis of where to potty, or what is appropriate behavior. You have give them time, training, discipline and love. In return they will give you laughter, excitement and companionship.
I hope you experience the same insane fun time with your pet(s) heading into the New Year. 

Happy New Year from all of us at Precious Pets Transport, LLC.
Safe Travels!!

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