Saturday, December 23, 2017

Getting home before the holiday!

Christmas, the most wonderful
time of the year. For puppies
and Kitties getting new homes. 

I missed last weeks rattle.Left on Saturday for a week long run around the east coast. Uph! Off to the panhandle of Fl then to Mississippi.
Had only two pickups. A Shiba Inu named Sheezu and a Schnauzer named Toby.
Weather was a bit of a mix. It was nice to head south for a few days. I left my house and the weather was cold, wet and rainy. Patches of sun filtered through the clouds on the way south. With a one day of solid warm sun.
Every time I leave my house to go out on a run, runs being anywhere from  five days to up to 14 days, I try to mentally run my days to give myself a target date of when I think I should be home.
 Its a catch 22 feeling. Part of me wants to get out of the office and spend time on the road, the other half of me wants to come home every night and crawl into my own bed. Have had to teach myself to pace the trip. Try not to over due it to get home that one day sooner. Nothing worse then coming home and needing three days to re-coop.

This particular run was an easy one compared to my last run. The last run was to the west coast with 8 dogs. One dog prone to seizures. His meds didn't do much to ward off his seizures. Most seizures ended with him needing to be cleaned. That not being the only issue. One of the little dogs would go on a barking rage, his kennel right at my ear height. Five days into the trip with the little one barking in my ear,  causing the other dogs to get onto his bark wagon, I wanted to have a seizure.

It was a pleasure having just two little dogs on board. Sheezu going from Fl to upstate Maine. Troy a short timer got on in Mississippi,his ride took him to Maryland.

The first night out was a quite night in Georgia. I never really sleep well on that first night. Early am comes fast and back on the road it is. By this time I'm starting to get into the swing of the trip. I finally push off the home feeling, emotionally and mentally settling into the routine of the trip. Doing a quick math calculation realizing I can shorten my trip by one full day if I can get the first dog on board early. Yes, I"m a day early but its the holidays and getting finished early would be great. Two days of calling the pickup location, getting no answer, a terrible diet the last 24 hours leaves me with a screaming headache. The desire to push on goes out the window. Finally getting the right number for the pickup, still no answer, the decision is made to take it easy today. Booked myself into a hotel early. Its Sunday I tell myself, I've worked all week,  its ok to take a bit longer and sit still for the evening.
7 am and its time to get moving. The travel gods were with me, both Sheezu and Troy were picked up and northbound we were heading. The one thing I always forget to factor into my day is when its time to stop in the evening. Getting one person into the hotel room is easy. Getting animals into the hotel can be a bit more of a challenge. Where the challenge comes in is having a serious migraine, needing to eat, tired, dogs are wining, where is my hotel room, second floor no elevator. Crates and luggage have to be dragged upstairs. Dogs need walked, dinner served. All before I can think about my own needs, all except using the bathroom myself. Sorry that trumps everything.
These two little ones are pretty subdue. Quite, Sheezu with an aloof expression, Troy acts like he has had a few too many coffees. Some exercise and food they both settle into a quiet night.
Day 3, is nothing but driving, stopping for breaks and more diving. Not getting to Troys home until late night its decided Troy will spend one more night at the hotel with me and delivery will be early morning. If we can get through traffic.
Getting to Troys home he is so excited. Troy runs up to the front door and starts barking. You can just hear him, 'Mom, Mom, open up I"m here." Unfortunately mom is not hom. Troy looked so crest fallen when I asked him to get back into the van. We didn't have to wait for long.
Off we head to the North Pole, or better known as Maine. Its winter, snow is always expected. Question is can we get in and back out before being snowed under. Having experienced a snow storm in Maine its not a bucket list kind of want.
Timing is everything when traveling into the Northeast. Most of the time one can plan to add an additional two hours to a trip north. On a bad day you can add another 3 to 4 hours. You really have to enjoy sitting in your vehicle. Luck was with us that day we hit the Maine just after dark.
The lower part of Maine is like any other city/state. Lots of people, lights, tolls are the surroundings.
Its not until one passes Augusta one sees the difference. Its feels like the land in the book called The Shining. By day its peaceful, and quite beautiful, feels like your having private time with God. By night, traveling alone, you may think a ghoul will crawl out of the woods and stop you along the highway. Maybe not a ghoul but rather a moose may visit the side of the road. Knowing your along on a long dark highway, to keep ones fear in check, audio books are the choice of listening. Just not horror books.
We arrived at the hotel, temps are a balmy twenty five degrees. Sheezu gets dinner and some yum yum so he will eat. Apparently it was yummy, after eating it was time to find the tail. Sheezu spinning in circles until he bites his tail. Yep its still there.   
The next morning temps at eleven degrees creates one cranky, Lin. Thirty miles from drop of, Sheezu and I made a mad dash to destination. Snow and ice are on the menu for the next day. I'm just not a snow, ice kind of gal, so dropping and running south is the priority for the day.
Our main event ends with Sheezu getting of the van into two feet of snow, eleven degrees, meeting grams and family for the first time. Taking a few minutes to introduce her dog with Sheezu, nose to butt. In time they will get along. Just may take a bit more than ten minutes.
Twelve hours from home with no traffic. Sixteen with traffic, the goal get below the well advertised snow line that is expected the next day. Thoughts of home whistle in my head. Reality is getting home tonight is a no go.
Just happy everyone is home this year, safe and sound. Now its my turn to get home for the holidays.
For every pet, pet parent, drivers and all Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays from Jill and Lin. May your holiday be a bless and happy one.

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